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Oligo Pools

Oligo Pools

Twist Oligo Pools represent collections of single-stranded oligonucleotides synthesized using state-of-the-art silicon-based DNA writing technology. The innovative synthesis platform employed by Twist Bioscience allows for the simultaneous production of large quantities of high-quality and accurate oligos in each run. This capability facilitates the creation of complex and diverse oligo pools, specifically advantageous for applications such as CRISPR screening.

The process involves users submitting their oligo sequences to Twist Bioscience, which then synthesizes user-designed oligo pool libraries. This service enables researchers to dedicate their time to experimental work and discovery, with the synthesis handled by Twist.

The quality of Twist oligos is underscored by highly uniform synthesis, as evidenced by Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) quality control data. A representative oligo pool containing 23,000 90mer oligos demonstrates remarkable uniformity, with the corresponding table indicating the metrics for this pool. Twist oligos are synthesized with minimal bias, ensuring high uniformity and complete representation of oligos in the pool.

Furthermore, sequencing analysis of Oligo Pools generated by Twist Bioscience is compared with those from an array-based competitor. The results highlight the superiority of Twist Oligo Pools, as they consistently contain 100% of the expected sequences and exhibit a higher percentage of correct sequences when compared to the competitor’s pool. This emphasis on accuracy and completeness in sequence representation makes Twist Oligo Pools a robust and reliable choice for various molecular biology applications.

Oligo Pools Workflow
New Cloned Oligo Pools

New Cloned Oligo Pools from Twist Bioscience represent a cutting-edge solution aimed at ensuring the foundational quality of oligo pools for successful experiments. Recognizing that errors during synthesis or cloning can adversely impact oligo pool quality by causing over and underrepresentation of desired sequences, Twist now provides an optimized cloning service. This service streamlines the experimental process by alleviating the need for researchers to navigate challenges such as testing PCR amplification conditions, selecting appropriate polymerases and primer pairs, and designing a cloning workflow.

The process involves just two steps. Users submit their oligo sequences to Twist Bioscience, and the company takes care of synthesizing, amplifying, and cloning the user-designed oligo pool libraries. This approach allows researchers to dedicate their time to experimentation and discovery while outsourcing the intricacies of oligo pool synthesis and cloning to Twist Bioscience.

Twist Bioscience emphasizes the high quality of its cloned oligo pools across all lengths, showcasing performance data for pools under 150 nucleotides and those up to 300 nucleotides in length, even with high GC content. The data highlight the uniformity achieved in both cases.

Twist’s cloned oligo pools not only exhibit low error rates and high uniformity but also boast low chimera rates. Chimeras, unwanted hybrid molecules resulting from suboptimal PCR conditions, can lead to improper amplification and recombination of different oligos within the pool. Twist Bioscience provides an illustration comparing an on-target cloned pool without chimeras to an off-target one containing chimeras, emphasizing the importance of avoiding undesired sequences.

The company asserts that its cloned oligo pools, free from chimeras, guarantee the highest quality and accuracy in experimental data. Comparative data between traditional amplification and Twist’s in-house amplification method further supports the efficacy of Twist’s approach in ensuring the integrity of oligo pools for diverse molecular biology applications.

Uniformity of linear and cloned oligo pools_0
edited-High quality cloned oligo pools
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Cloned oligo pools chimera
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