Smallest/portable-sized capillary electrophoresis Bio-Fragment Analyzer for DNA, RNA, and protein.

Qsep1-Plus is ideal for small laboratories with low throughput (1~15 samples) needs.

The system supports Wi-Fi and cable connections, breaking the barriers of space.

10+ types of cartridges can be easily exchanged between various applications.

The provided quantitative method delivers fragment size and concentration information in one run.

Qsep1-Plus has the highest specification product among all portable automated Bio-Fragment Analyzers. Advantages of capillary electrophoresis are high resolution (1~4bp if less than 500bp), high sensitivity (5pg/μl) and significantly faster preparation and analysis time. Besides analyzing fragment sizes and concentrations, it is also suitable for quality control of next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Qsep1-Plus is equipped with completed hardware and software and has fully functional remote access via cable/Wi-Fi. The system provides various kinds of applications such as RNA quality control with RNA Quality Number (RQN) provided, auto-distribution of NGS QC and quality control of gDNA with DNA Quality Number (DQN) provided. Qsep1-Plus is a top choice for modern small or medium-sized laboratory.

Qsep series can not only replace the complicated and time-consuming gel preparation and analysis procedure, but increase the accuracy of analysis, elevate efficiency and reproducibility, and reduce the human error and costs.

Qsep1-plus BiOptic
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