DNBSEQ-T7 : Turbocharge your Sequencing

Experience a sequencing revolution with the T7, designed to turbocharge efficiency across diverse projects such as whole genome, deep exome, epigenome, transcriptome, single-cell omics, spatial omics, and more. The T7 not only optimizes the entire sequencing process but also achieves extraordinary productivity. With the capability to generate a staggering 20,000 30x whole genomes in just one year, all at an affordable cost of $150 per genome, the T7 sets a new benchmark for high-quality data acquisition at an unparalleled speed. Embrace the future of genomics research with the T7, where efficiency meets affordability without compromising data quality.


The T7 offers unmatched flexibility with its 4 independent flow cells, empowering you to run them at any time without the need to batch large quantities of samples


Achieve 24/7 production with your large sequencing project by generating 7 Tb data in 24 hours with automatic washes in between runs


With a cost of $150 per Genome or $1.5/Gb, the T7 opens the doors to accessibility for your groundbreaking sequencing projects

Say Goodbye to Amplification Errors Associated with PCR

Bid farewell to amplification errors linked with PCR, as our cutting-edge technologies ensure precise and error-free amplification processes. With our advanced solutions, we prioritize accuracy and reliability, ensuring that your results are free from the concerns associated with amplification errors. Embrace a new era in PCR technology where precision and confidence in your data are paramount.

T7Inside Workflow
Independent Flow Cells

Experience unparalleled flexibility in your sequencing workflows with the inclusion of 4 independent flow cells in our technology. These independent flow cells grant you the freedom to run sequencing processes at any time, eliminating the necessity to batch large quantities of samples. This innovative design empowers you to adapt your sequencing runs to specific requirements, offering enhanced efficiency and customization in your research endeavors.

T7 Quad Cells
Performane of T7 with DecodeScience
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