Library Preparation

Library Preparation

Twist Library Preparation Kits offer a streamlined process for constructing high-quality DNA libraries in next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications. Tailored for whole genome sequencing and targeted enrichment, these kits simplify library preparation by combining multiple steps into a single reaction, enhancing efficiency and ensuring consistent results.

Two configurations are available to cater to different needs: Mechanical Fragmentation, designed for mechanically sheared gDNA, and Enzymatic Fragmentation, ideal for automated, high-throughput library preparation. Both configurations minimize artifacts, accommodate various DNA input types, and optimize sequencing of low-quality samples, with the Enzymatic Fragmentation offering tunable, reproducible fragment sizes while minimizing sequence bias and maximizing coverage depth.

Library Preparation Workflow

The Twist Library Preparation Kits provide a comprehensive solution for the entire library preparation workflow, encompassing crucial steps such as end repair, dA-tailing, adapter ligation, and library amplification. Both kits offer versatility in adapter choices, allowing the use of either full-length or universal adapters based on specific application requirements.

For the Enzymatic Fragmentation Kit, additional functionality includes the incorporation of enzymes for the fragmentation of genomic DNA (gDNA) samples. This feature enhances the kit’s capability for high-throughput library preparation.

The accompanying chart illustrates a robust library construction process by utilizing Twist Universal Adapters for insert ligation and UDI primer PCR amplification. This approach ensures a streamlined and efficient workflow, producing libraries suitable for a diverse range of applications.

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