MRD Sequencing

MRD Sequencing

Minimal Residual Disease (MRD), characterized by a small number of lingering malignant cells post-treatment, poses a recurrence risk often undetectable by standard surveillance methods. Twist Bioscience’s MRD Rapid 500 Panel addresses this challenge by utilizing circulating tumor DNA for early detection. Leveraging Twist’s silicon-based DNA synthesis platform, this scalable solution offers rapid turnaround time (as few as 6 business days) with personalized variant profiles from whole-genome or whole-exome sequencing. The MRD panels, featuring 50 to 500 probes, provide comprehensive genomic insights, compatible with Twist’s NGS library preparation and hybrid capture workflow. This facilitates early intervention and enhances personalized medicine approaches in cancer recurrence monitoring.


Unmatched Scalability and Speed:
Benefit from unparalleled scalability and efficiency as you capture variants of interest with panels ranging from 50 to 500 probes. Streamline your workflow by ordering up to 150 panels at a time, and experience the rapid shipment of panels within an impressive 6 business days.

Customized Panel Designs:
Tailor your panel designs to meet your specific needs using a variant target coordinate BED file. Improve capture performance by strategically filtering probe sequences over repetitive regions, leading to enhanced efficiency and significant cost savings on overall sequencing expenses.

Panel Information:
Leverage the advantages of a single plex for 12 tests, ensuring the detection of SNVs and small indels with high precision. Implement quality control through qPCR, and rest assured with ISO-13485 certification, signifying a commitment to reliability. Conveniently receive panels in Matrix Tubes, and benefit from designs supported against hg19 and hg38 reference genomes.

Lab Workflow:
Integrate seamlessly into your lab workflow with compatibility with Twist library preparation and hybridization workflows. Follow the recommended hybridization protocol, MRD Standard Hyb 2.0, ensuring not only efficiency but also a streamlined and harmonious laboratory process.

MRD Rapid 500 Panel Design
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