Twist cfDNA Pan-cancer Reference Standards

Twist cfDNA Pan-cancer Reference Standards

NGS-based liquid biopsy is a rapidly evolving application that requires accurate and precise reference standards. The Twist Pan-cancer Reference Standard is a high-quality, standardized control for use in the research and development of NGS-based liquid biopsy assays. This reference standard is ideal for establishing the analytical limit of detection (LoD) for specific cancer variants and as a control to track the quality of an NGS assay workflow and assess the fidelity of the assay process during research and development of such assays.

Comprehensive Detection of Cancer Variants

458 unique naturally occurring cancer variants

132 clinically relevant variants

Covers 84 different genes involved in cancer

Better Design of Background

Background DNA derived from human cfDNA samples

DNA size profile and post-sequencing profile mimic native cfDNA

Designed for Precision and Flexibility

Seven individual VAF percentages to choose from

Digital Droplet PCR verification of VAF percentages

Convenient test set of all VAF percentages available

About the Data
Comparison of Twist’s Reference standard and competitors

DNA analysis of the Twist cfDNA Pan-Cancer Reference Standard and competitors reference standards show that Twist more closely mimics native cell-free DNA providing a more true to life test result.

Post Sequencing Profile Comparison

Post sequencing library size distribution comparison between Twist and competitors show how similar Twist mimics native cfDNA samples including the jagged leading peaks.

cfDNA Pan Cancer Twist Bioscience 1
cfDNA Pan Cancer Twist Bioscience 2
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