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Automated Systems

Discover Automated Liquid Handling

Embark on a journey of discovery with our automated liquid handling instruments, designed to revolutionize your laboratory workflows. By reducing the human error often associated with manual liquid handling, these robotic platforms bring efficiency and precision to the forefront. Accelerating Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows, our user-friendly automated systems not only enhance accuracy but also prioritize safety in your laboratory processes. Embrace the future of liquid handling with our cutting-edge technology, transforming the way you approach your research endeavors.

Complete Sequencing Solutions For Every Lab

Library Preparation Systems

SP-Smart 8

This platform offers automated liquid handling with eight independent pipetting channels, integrated plate gripper, and tube/plate bar code scanners. Accesses individual tubes or microplate wells to set up, run and track any process that otherwise requires manual pipetting.


With our low-volume, 96-channel pipetting head arm and integrated microplate gripper tool, PCR machine, magnetic rack, shaker, and temperature-controlled deck modules, the SP-960 liquid handling platform delivers fast and efficient nucleic acid extraction, RT-PCR, and sequencing library sample preparation.


Our low- to medium-throughput, automated liquid handling platform optimizes library prep to support massively parallel sequencing.

Nucleic Acid Extraction


Built around magnetic rod extraction technology to eliminate pipetting, the NE384 has four, 96 magnetic pin tools in a single arm to run extractions from virtually any magnetic bead purification kit. Optimize and consolidate your extraction line by replacing four extraction units with a single, ultra-throughput platform.


MGISP-NEX is a versatile automated nucleic acid extractor independently developed by MGI. It equips with an independent 8-channel pipetting module and magnetic rod extraction module.


This low- to medium-throughput, automated nucleic acid extractor eliminates pipetting by integrating magnetic rod technology to purify DNA, RNA and proteins. With pre-programmed routines and the ability to use virtually any industry standard magnetic bead kit, SP-NE32 can extract and purify 16/32 samples in about 10 minutes.

Sample Transfer


Simplify sample accessioning with fully automated liquid transfers from a benchtop system that accurately de/re-caps 96 samples from sealed collection tubes to 96-well microplates in just 40 minutes.


Relieve your lab techs from manually handling collection tubes with our highest-throughput, automated liquid sample transfer system. This freestanding, fully-enclosed, HEPA-filtered platform automatically transfers 192 samples from airtight or plain tubes to two, 96-well microplates in 40 minutes.

Automated Sequencing


This platform is dedicated to establishing a novel sequencing model by seamlessly integrating the entire sequencing workflow into a single machine.

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