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Industrialized CRISPR Tools Enable RUO to GMP Quality Scale-Up

Introducing Halo™, an innovative platform offering industrialized CRISPR tools designed to expedite cell line generation. From Research Use Only (RUO) to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) reagents, Halo™ provides high-quality gene editing solutions tailored to diverse research needs. Whether you’re engaged in basic research or drug discovery endeavors, harness the power of genome engineering with Halo™ for seamless and efficient results.

Technology-Fueled Genome Engineering

Experience the power of standardized CRISPR technology with Halo. Our platform offers optimized CRISPR reagents designed, selected, and formatted by experts, ensuring efficiency and reliability in your research endeavors. Benefit from our continuous learning system, which refines synthesis processes for enhanced success rates.

Scale your research confidently with Halo’s innovative processes, seamlessly integrating chemistry, industrialization, and automation. Whether you’re scaling up or out, our platform provides precise volumes and varieties of CRISPR reagents without compromising on quality or efficacy.

Stay ahead with Halo’s continuous optimization approach. Built on engineering principles and chemistry, our system combines purpose-built hardware, microfluidic technology, and adaptive algorithms to continually improve and adapt to your evolving research needs.

CRISPR Tools Synthego

Halo Platform Capabilities

Flexible Scale


CRISPR reagents tailored to the
variety and volume your
experiment needs.

Closed-Loop Feedback


Iterative optimization of CRISPR components ensures intelligent guide design resulting in the best possible editing outcomes.

Synthetic RNA


Reproducible and consistent editing, producing the best outcomes in any CRISPR methodology.

Therapeutic Reagents


GMP-grade factory enabling reagents of unparalleled quality for clinical-grade therapeutics and diagnostics.

Process Control


Automated, precise manufacturing to ensure high quality, reproducible, and scalable reagents.

CRISPR Tools Portfolio

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