MGISP-3000 with DecodeScience
MGISP-3000: Unmatched Speed, Unrivaled Safety

MGISP-3000 establishes a new benchmark in laboratory automation, harmonizing high-throughput efficiency with unmatched safety measures. Boasting features such as ISO5 air filtration, one-click sample pre-analysis, and seamless ZLIMS integration, it provides a comprehensive and secure solution for modern lab workflows.

High Reliability

Barcode data can be auto-transferred to other automation or LIMS for traceability


Two HEPA filters and UV light enhance safety for liquid transfers and lab technicians


Load sample tubes in a standard rack with one click to automate pre-analysis steps

MGISP-3000: Elevating Lab Automation and Safety Standards


The MGISP-3000 stands as a pinnacle in lab automation, seamlessly blending high-throughput efficiency with a paramount focus on safety. With features such as ISO5 air filters and external exhaust, it creates an ultra-clean workspace, ensuring a secure environment for various lab tasks.

Its user-friendly design simplifies operations with a single-click automation of pre-analysis steps, guaranteeing a swift and error-free experience through an intuitive interface. This innovation not only prioritizes safety but also enhances the overall efficiency of laboratory workflows.

The MGISP-3000 is future-ready, demonstrating seamless integration capabilities with ZLIMS and third-party systems like RT-PCR. This adaptability makes it a versatile solution for evolving lab requirements, ensuring it stays in sync with the latest advancements in the field.

Moreover, MGISP-3000 goes beyond the conventional by combining top-notch safety measures, streamlined operations, and scalability. It introduces features such as barcode tracking and automated tube sealing, providing a comprehensive solution that meets the demands of high throughput without compromising quality.

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