Bionano Stratys Product

Elevate the OGM Sample-to-Report Workflow with the Stratys™ System

Embark on a revolutionary journey towards enhanced workflow speed and simplicity by leveraging the power of Optical Genome Mapping (OGM) combined with the cutting-edge Bionano Stratys™ System. With this innovative approach, break free from the limitations of conventional cytogenetics and sequencing techniques, as you delve into the comprehensive detection of all classes of structural variants. Experience a paradigm shift in genetic analysis, where efficiency and precision converge to unlock new realms of understanding within the genome.

500 bp

Detect SVs starting at 500 bp


VAF at 5% or lower*

12 Samples

Scalable throughput


Up to 1200x target effective coverage

*Lower VAF percentages can be achieved when using the Stratys Plus Chip, which enables up to 1200x genome coverage.

Stratys Performance


Experience unparalleled efficiency and tailored performance with STRATYS CHIPS – your gateway to optimized reagents and consumables for diverse applications. Tailor your journey to results with a versatile array of chips meticulously crafted to align with your unique requirements. Within the STRATYS chips, immerse DNA molecules in a precise nanofluidic environment, where they seamlessly linearize across hundreds of thousands of nanochannels. Through advanced imaging, unravel the intricate genomic architecture and uncover subtle structural variations with unparalleled clarity and accuracy.


Maximize workflow efficiency with STRATYS COMPUTE, your solution for streamlined data processing, ensuring a seamless flow of operations.

Data Processing Powerhouse: Powered by NVIDIA RTX GPUs, STRATYS COMPUTE boasts remarkable processing power, enabling significantly faster runtimes and reduced compute costs. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, software releases drive acceleration, enhancing overall performance.

Support a Constant Flow of Data: Benefit from STRATYS COMPUTE’s advanced technology and intelligent processing, facilitating a continuous stream of data from the Stratys instrument. This ensures optimal scalability of your workflow, maintaining productivity at scale.

Best Sensitivity for OGM: Equipped with the latest informatics pipeline for Optical Genome Mapping (OGM) data, STRATYS COMPUTE delivers unparalleled sensitivity for genome-wide detection of all classes of structural variants (SVs) using OGM technology.

Minimal IT Resources Required: Designed for ease of implementation, the STRATYS COMPUTE workstation can be conveniently installed alongside the Stratys instrument without the need for a dedicated data center. This reduces IT overhead and minimizes implementation time, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

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