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Explore the depths of the immune repertoire with our cutting-edge solution: single-cell TCR profiling combined with whole transcriptome analysis—no additional instrumentation required.

With our state-of-the-art technology, you can detect TCRs with remarkable sensitivity while simultaneously capturing transcriptome-wide gene expression, including essential T-cell subtype markers. Delve into the intricate cellular landscape and unlock unprecedented insights by examining paired alpha and beta sequences within individual cells.

This revolutionary approach empowers you to unravel the complex interplay between TCR diversity and gene expression profiles at the single-cell level, providing a holistic understanding of immune responses and cellular heterogeneity. Bid farewell to the constraints of conventional methods and embark on a transformative journey in immunogenomics research with our integrated solution.


Evercode's combinatorial barcoding
enables you to dramatically
scale up the cells and samples per experiment.


If you have a centrifuge,
thermal cycler,
and some pipettes,
you’re ready to go.


Better detect lowly expressed
genes and avoid ambient RNA common
in droplet-based
single cell sequencing.


Fix and store samples as they come in for up to 6 months and then run together later on your schedule. Ideal for cross-site collaborations.

High TCR detection in activated and primary T cells

Witness exceptional TCR detection in both activated and primary T cells through our state-of-the-art profiling techniques. In our investigation, T cells sourced from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) underwent two distinct conditions: direct profiling (Primary) and activation via culture for 3 days with CD3/CD28 beads and IL-2 (Activated).

Our findings reveal robust TCR detection in both experimental conditions, underscoring the versatility and dependability of our methodology across various T cell states. Whether profiling primary T cells or their activated counterparts, our approach guarantees precise and comprehensive characterization of the TCR repertoire, offering invaluable insights into immune responses and cellular dynamics.

Rely on our advanced profiling techniques to deliver meticulous and high-fidelity data, facilitating a deeper comprehension of T cell biology and immunological processes. With our innovative methodologies, explore the intricacies of the immune system with confidence and clarity.

Comprehensive immune repertoire detection

Experience unparalleled detection of the immune repertoire with the Evercode™ TCR kit, designed to provide the most comprehensive profile available. In a groundbreaking study encompassing 8 donors, our kit identified nearly 500,000 unique beta chain clonotypes.

Remarkably, the vast majority of these clonotypes were classified as rare, highlighting the sensitivity and depth of our detection capabilities. With the Evercode™ TCR kit, you can uncover the full spectrum of immune diversity, from common to exceedingly rare clonotypes, empowering you to explore the intricacies of immune responses with unprecedented precision and breadth.

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