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Realize your single-cell aspirations with Evercode™ split-pool combinatorial barcoding. This straightforward, instrument-free solution revolutionizes single-cell sequencing, offering unparalleled sensitivity, scalability, and flexibility to labs of any size.

With Evercode™, you can effortlessly adopt a highly sensitive approach to single-cell sequencing, empowering you to unlock the complexities of cellular heterogeneity with ease. Scale your experiments to new heights while maintaining precision and reliability, thanks to Evercode’s adaptable design and seamless workflow.

Say goodbye to cumbersome instrumentation and complex protocols – Evercode™ simplifies single-cell sequencing, making it accessible to researchers at all levels. Whether you’re exploring the intricacies of developmental biology, investigating immune responses, or unraveling the mysteries of cancer heterogeneity, Evercode™ equips you with the tools you need to achieve your single-cell ambitions.


Evercode's combinatorial barcoding
enables you to dramatically
scale up the cells and samples per experiment.


If you have a centrifuge,
thermal cycler,
and some pipettes,
you’re ready to go.


Better detect lowly expressed
genes and avoid ambient RNA common
in droplet-based
single cell sequencing.


Fix and store samples as they come in for up to 6 months and then run together later on your schedule. Ideal for cross-site collaborations.

Higher Sensitivity with Evercode WT v2

Embark on a journey of unparalleled sensitivity in gene detection with Evercode WT v2. In a comprehensive comparative study conducted on mouse brain samples, Evercode WT v2 demonstrated remarkable superiority over the Chromium Next GEM Single Cell 3’ Kit v3.1. Remarkably, Evercode WT v2 detected an average of 84% more genes at a common read depth target of 20,000 reads per cell.

With Evercode WT v2 as your tool of choice, you can uncover a broader spectrum of genes and delve deeper into gene expression profiles. This invaluable information will enrich your research endeavors, providing nuanced insights into cellular dynamics and molecular processes. Elevate your single-cell transcriptomics studies to unprecedented heights with the unmatched sensitivity and precision offered by Evercode WT v2.

Boost the signal, reduce the noise

Elevate signal quality and minimize noise in your single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) experiments with Evercode™. Multiplets, a common challenge in scRNA-seq approaches, can complicate data analysis and obscure biological insights. By adopting Evercode™, which utilizes a cell-as-reaction-vessel approach, you can eliminate issues associated with multiplets, leading to cleaner and more accurate data.

In a human-mouse species mixing experiment conducted with Evercode™, we achieved an exceptionally low multiplet rate of only 2.3%. This rate significantly outperforms traditional droplet-based approaches, demonstrating Evercode’s™ effectiveness in reducing multiplet interference and enhancing data quality.

With Evercode™, you can confidently boost signal detection while minimizing noise, enabling more precise and insightful analysis of single-cell transcriptomic data. Say goodbye to multiplet-related challenges and unlock the full potential of your scRNA-seq experiments with Evercode™.

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