MGISTP-7000 Features with DecodeScience
MGISP-7000: Precision Meets Speedy Automation

The MGISTP-7000 ushers in a new era of laboratory automation, meticulously designed to fulfill the requirements of high productivity without compromising safety or quality. This innovative system seamlessly integrates key functionalities, including barcode identification, tube decapping, automated liquid transfer, and negative pressure protection. By doing so, it establishes itself as a comprehensive and efficient sample preparation solution, streamlining processes and ensuring precision throughout the laboratory workflow.

High Reliability

Barcode data can be auto-transferred to other automation or LIMS for traceability


Two HEPA filters and UV light enhance safety for liquid transfers and lab technicians


Load sample tubes in a standard rack with one click to automate pre-analysis steps

High-Throughput Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Platform

The MGISTP-7000 stands as a groundbreaking advancement in laboratory automation, specifically revolutionizing sample transfer and nucleic acid detection processes. Noteworthy for its unwavering commitment to safety, the system incorporates dual HEPA filters and an integrated UV light, creating and maintaining a pristine, contamination-free environment. The ISO5 air filter captures an impressive 99.995% of particles at 0.3um, complemented by a specialized venting mechanism efficiently removing potentially contaminated air from the lab space.

In terms of user experience, the MGISTP-7000’s software is designed with a strong emphasis on user-centricity. With a single click, it automates pre-analytical steps, showcasing both efficiency and user-friendly operation. The robust mechanics of the system can transfer 192 samples to 96-Well Microplates in just 40 minutes, further contributing to its powerful and efficient performance.

On the connectivity front, the MGISTP-7000 stands out for its compatibility with ZLIMS, allowing for seamless integration with third-party analytical instruments. This adaptability ensures its compatibility with the evolving needs of laboratory workflows.

Selecting the MGISTP-7000 guarantees a harmonious blend of efficiency, safety, and advanced capabilities in your lab workflows, representing a significant step forward in high-throughput automated nucleic acid extraction platforms.

About MGISTP-7000 with DecodeScience
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