Swift Biosciences

Swift Biosciences has made their mark in NGS Library Prep by pushing the boundaries with challenging sample types such as FFPE and cfDNA. Their key expertise and intellectual property provides unique solutions in the fields of ligation, amplification, purification and DNA repair.

Initially providing a solution for DNA, Swift have now extended their range to include RNA, targeted capture, and epigenetics.  The Swift Biosciences range is based on the principles of simple workflows and robust sample inputs to provide a new standard of excellence in Library Preparation for NGS.

Swift Biosciences Technology

Swift 2S™ Turbo for Next Generation sequencing

Swift 2S™ Turbo are a fast and cost effective solution for routine DNA samples. Leveraging enzymatic fragmentation and flexible indexing the Swift 2S™ Turbo is suitable for a large range input DNA.

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Accel-NGS® 2S Plus DNA Library Kit

The Accel-NGS® 2S family of products are ideal for damaged samples such as Chip-Seq, cfDNA, and FFPE. The Accel-NGS® 2S range employs unique fragment repair technology and highly efficient adapter technology to generate diverse libraries from as low as 10pg of DNA

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Accel-NGS® 1S Plus DNA Library Kit

The Accel-NGS® 1S family of products are ideal for degraded DNA. Unlike other methods, the 1s technology uses AdaptaseTM technology to generate libraries from single stranded DNA fragments. The 1S Library Kits will yield libraries from as little as 10pg of input DNA in 2 hours.

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Swift ACCEL-NGS® Methyl-Seq

The ACCEL-NGS® Methyl-Seq can provide epigenetic information from single cell inputs.  Powered by AdaptaseTM  the Swift ACCEL-NGS® Methyl-Seq maximises DNA recovery from bisulfite converted samples and can be used for WGBS or targeted bifulfite sequencing.

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Swift RNA Library Kit

The Swift RNA Library Kit enables stranded RNA library construction directly from 1st strand cDNA without the requirement for 2nd strand cDNA synthesis or template switching, providing high mapping rates and transcript coverage.

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Swift Rapid RNA Library Kit

The Swift Rapid RNA Library kit provides a 3.5 hour workflow from sample to complete library. The Rapid RNA Library kit converts directly from 1st strand cDNA without the need for a switching template.

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Swift Normalase Kit

The Swift Normalase Kits eliminate the need for library QC and insert size determination to individually adjust concentrations prior to pooling.

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Accel-Amplicon® NGS Panels

The Accel-Amplicon® NGS Panels provide multiple overlapping panels in a single tube and can generate libraries from as little as 10ng of DNA.

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