Dovetail Genomics

We offer you the flexibility to choose from our complete menu of services for genome assembly and human genome profiling, or to run our kits and software in your lab to produce and analyze your own data. No matter where we join the process, our proprietary, molecular techniques, advanced software and algorithms provide you with the highest quality data. And our team of committed, passionate scientists will work tirelessly to help you uncover insights and breakthroughs you haven’t been able to see before.


Dovetail™ HiChIP MNase Kit

The Dovetail™ HiChIP MNase Kit enables researchers to query protein-directed chromatin conformation mediated by specific proteins of interest.

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Dovetail™ Micro-C Kit

The Dovetail™ Micro-C Kit provides all the reagents necessary for performing the proximity ligation steps on mammalian samples prior to NGS library generation.

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Dovetail™ Omni-C™ Kit

The Dovetail™ Omni-C™ Kit uses a sequence independent endonuclease for chromatin digestion prior to proximity ligation.

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Dovetail™ Hi-C Kit

The Dovetail™ Hi-C Kit uses a single restriction enzyme (DpnII) for chromatin fragmentation prior to proximity ligation.

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