The DNBSEQ-G400 adopts a novel chip system that supports various modes of sequencing and is integrated with optimally designed optical and biochemical systems to execute the sequencing process within a relatively shorter time for a more streamlined sequencing experience for the user.

  • 2 different sized flow cells, FCL achieving 1800 million reads, and FCS achieving 550 million reads
  • 18.75 – 1080 GB per run
  • Only 48 hours to sequence a PE100 run at full capacity
  • Supporting a range of read lengths, including but not limited to SE400, PE100, PE150, PE200
  • Supporting sequencing and data analysis in a range of areas including scientific research, basic medicine, forensics, and agriculture.

MGISEQ-2000 adopts an innovative “Flow Cell” system which can support various sequencing modes, and an optimised optical and biochemical system which enables the whole sequencing process to complete within a short period of time, offering the user a simplified and streamlined sequencing experience.

DNBSEQ-G4000 Core Technologies

DNB – DNA Nanoball

  • Increasing the quantity of “DNA fragments (to be processed)” through replication increases the intensity of fluorescent signals, which enhances sequencing accuracy
  • Unlike PCR amplification, amplification errors arising from Rolling Circle Amplification do not accumulate exponentially

Patterned Array

  • DNBs and arrayed spots are engineered to enhance attachment of a single DNB to a spot thus preventing cross-talk of signal between DNBs
  • The Patterned Array of spots on Flow Cells is designed to maximize resolution of the optical system and the surface area of the Flow Cell

Optimized Combinatorial Probe-Anchor Synthesis (cPAS) System

  • Biochemistry team has studied a large quantity of reaction conditions and screened tens of thousands of enzymes to successfully sequence biochemical reactions in within just 60 seconds
  • Speed increases are further complemented by advanced Real-time Image Processing software and Sub-pixel Registration and Multi-thread Parallel Compression Algorithms.  This results in more accurate imaging and base calling, processed in real-time at an industry-leading data-processing speed
  • Innovation with a multi-pixel Dynamic Bias Correction Algorithm corrects the core fluorescent signal intensity through the brightness of surrounding pixels.  This significantly enhances the identification of DNBs and therefore throughput and accuracy in base calling.

DNBSEQ-G400 Complete Solution

Sample Preparation

  • Supporting a picogram-level starting amount
  • Zero error accumulation during DNB production
  • Compatible with the Automatic Sample Preparation System
  • Stable Performance

Gene Sequencing

  • Graphical user interface guide, easy to operate

Data Analysis

  • Built-in basic analytical software completes the imaging analysis and base calling automatically and produces standard FastQ data files including sequences and base calling metrics
  • WGS Analysis System
  • WES Analysis System
  • PGS Analysis System
  • Cancer Hotspot Mutation Analysis System
  • Pathogen Fast Identification System

DNBSEQ-G400 Applications

Basic Scientific Research

  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Targeted Region Sequencing
  • Single Cell Sequencing
  • Epigenetic Sequencing
  • Whole Exome Sequencing
  • Non-coding RNA Sequencing
  • Transcriptome Sequencing
  • RNASeq

Basic Medicine

  • Pathogenic Microorganism Sequencing
  • Monogenic Disorder Detection
  • NIPT
  • Chromosome Tumour Sequencing
  • Complex Disease Detection