The MGISEQ-T7 is the latest generation of world leading sequencing technology from MGI. With capacity of 6Tb in 24 hours the throughput is best in class. The T7 has changed the game for high throughput sequencing labs by offering sequential loading. You no longer need to compromise between throughput and turn around time. The T7 allows for sequencing loading of up to 4 flow cells at a time.

The MGISEQ-T7  brings production logic to the laboratory.  The unit is capable of sequencing 6Tb in 24 hours and allows for continual loading of flow cells whilst the unit is sequencing.  Each flow cell is run independently.  The run times for a PE100 flow cell are 20 hours, and PE150 flow cell is 24 hours.


  • Utilises DNB Technology to minimise duplicates and remove barcode hopping.
  • Unrivalled throughput of 6Tb in 24 hours.
  • Sequential loading of up to 4 flow cells provides ideal turn around time with out compromising on throughput
  • PE150 and PE100 read lengths