Immagina Biotechnology

IMMAGINA Biotechnology has been operating since 2016 as a research-driven SME business operating in the sector of Genomics, Proteomics, and Enabling Technology.

Their unique technologies are first-in-class systems allowing for simultaneous measurement of newly synthesized proteins and the RNA template from which they are produced, and delivering the highest level of correlation between gene expression and the proteome. The present platform includes IP covering their technologies and is dedicated to research-use-only (RUO) products with the potential to accelerate the path toward the discovery of novel therapeutic strategies in cancer, other human diseases, and congenital disorders.

IMMAGINA design technologies that enable isolation and analysis of active ribosomes and associated RNA molecules. Their solutions focus on accuracy and simplicity so that researchers can implement their own ribosome profiling and translatome studies regardless of their RNA translation expertise.


Immagina RiboLace


The only commercially available kit for Ribo-seq, RiboLace is 10x faster than sucrose gradient, accurate, antibody free, requires less biological material and is easy to use.

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Immagina Aharibo


Parallel isolation and downstream analysis of translated RNAs (by RNA-seq or qPCR) and newly synthesized proteins.

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CircAID is the only technology for high-quality library preparation for phosphoRNA sequencing (3’-phosphate/2’,3’-cyclic phosphate (3’P/2’,3’-cP) end) with Illumina (PCR based) or Oxford Nanopore platforms (PCR free).

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