Whatever aspects of the Hallmarks of Cancer your research is focused on, our workflow can enable your discovery journey.

Large Structural Variant Detection

Bionano Genomics is a 3rd generation genomics technology that utilises optical imaging to identify large structural variants missed by short read NGS technology

Whole Genome Sequencing

MGI provides short read sequencers capable of sequencing genomes with high levels of accuracy.  The MGIDNBSEQ-G400 is capable of sequencing 8 Whole Genomes with a read length of PE150 every 72 hours.  Each flow cell has 4 lanes, each capable of providing 40x coverage for a single genome, making it the perfect solution for tumor-normal matched sequencing where the tumor requires deeper sequencing.

The MGISEQ-T7 is capable of sequencing 40 whole genomes every 24 hours, making it the perfect tool for large clinical projects.

Clinical Panels

Swift Biosciences provide a comprehensive range of panels for somatic genes and inherited genes for illumina sequencers.

Liquid Biopsy cf-DNA

Detection of cf-DNA is greatly enhanced with the Accel-NGS® 1s DNA Library Preparation kit from Swift Biosciences.  The 1s Kit uses Adaptase technology to repair damaged DNA during the Library construction.